Missing: Wrex

I thought that I could make it through Mass Effect 1 all the way to 3 so that I could see the different characters than my first playthrough with a pregenerated charcter.... no. Even my love of Wrex can't make me go through the horri-bad gameplay in ME1. Sure, four years ago this was amazing, an over the shoulder a-la Gears of War  game that was also more sci-fi and an rpg game. But as technology progresses, our tastes in gaming evolves and we expect more.

Things that needed change:
- No reloading? Oh yeah, forgot about the lore about how ammo is all based on heat and that ammo is little shavings that essentially is unlimited. That didn't help when I kept pressing R to reload.. and instead always threw a grenade.. right at my squad members..

- No dodging. Oh man.. it is painful.. even in GoW1 I believe there was dodging/rolling. It wasn't a smooth transition between being in cover and not. I absolutely hated the cover combat system that ME1 has; small differences (smoothness, the ability to jump from cover to cover, not needing to crouch) made ALL the difference.

- Limited sprinting. So used to ME3 unlimited sprinting, it made being a Vanguard much easier at earlier levels when your melee style abilities had you vulnerable.

- Slow ability recharge. I created an engineer and remembered why I played a Sentinel before; abilities recharge too slowly! 1 minute recharge? What, are we living in the middle ages? In the beginning onslaught in ME3 while you wait for the Normandy to pick up you and Anderson, I could cast Incinerate every 1.5 seconds!

- Long elevator rides. I thought the long elevator rides in ME1 was just because my computer/processor at the time was slow.. but it was actually designed that way. Yuck.

- Driving the Mako.. lordie.. annoying.. and on the planet where you find Liara, it doesn't autosave in correct spots, so when I died from a mini-boss battle, I started at the beginning of the planet again.

We may complain about the loose ends in ME3, but the game has come a LONG way and is an incredible jump in gameplay experience than the original.

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