"Ya only when someone starts a viral vid but why does everyone have to wait to show they care or even know about it..why not start awareness yourself and not wait to jump on the band wagon...better uses can be to show rapists and child molesters in your areas..not to fix other countries problems that don't do shit to fix it

Its other countries problems. You can care to a point but when did that country care about what happened to you or the family down the road...care for yourself,family and community before you try any harder for people in other countries that wouldn't give a shit about u in the first place

I only originally said I hate people that jump on the band wagon to make it look like they care but they really don't...if u do be original, don't use a social website to show u care..go protest, write a letter to your local MP. But don't think "like" is doing anything that will really stop it...go kill the dude if u wanna make a diff or arrest him yourself"

Wow.. just wow.
So... because its happening somewhere else.. you should just ignore it. What happens if you were in the same situation? How would you feel if that was their attitude.

I love "go kill the dude if you wanna make a diff"... that.. was... touching..
More like touched in the head.

Caring only about what affects yourself and not caring about the plight of others shows the type of person that you are.

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