Found: Nordland Coords: 59k, 12k
Where: Behind a tree, near an Order PQ; he'll attack you and when he's defeated you'll get the unlock.

Reward: Title: The Infected

Found: Barak Varr Coords: 21k, 47k
Where: on the left side of a trench on the way to the Order warcamp, just talk to Ragakk the Orge Bull.

Reward: Title: The Crusher

So blogging time.. did it during work today during a lull in calls..

Everyone has their own reasons for doing things.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and to be able to do their own thing.

Rage dumping/quitting i've done alot myself.
Why just the other day, i was cooking and b/c i didn't have any help and couldn't find some main ingredient, i raged and didn't make any salad.
You don't make friends with salad anyways.

We rage, we work out, we vent to other people, we blog about it, we eat icecream, we scream...
except for physical rage, most ways are acceptable.

But people that get upset at an MMO b/c of the way it's designed, or due to lag, or programming and then quit the game entirely... i think is a tad immature.
i honestly, tried to do programming in university and it was an EPIC FAIL... (ended up in business instead)
i've gotten mad at my games probably more than anything else in life.. which is silly in retrospect
we have to realize that its just a game, designed to (addict us... i mean) entertain us and be relaxing. Like Paul Barnett said in so many pre-launch podcasts, they wanted to make it a hobby experience, where you play it, you think about it, talk about it, you do things related about it (blogging), you want to get back in it, you breathe and live it.
My advice is to try not to get so mad when the server is being stupid (see: zone crashes and the lag monster) or the game is not programmed the way you'd like it to be
i'm not gonna say "go make your own game then if you think it's so easy"
just to not be so serious

Sometimes I think its better that YOU rage quit.
I'm not being offensive at all.
Think of how many hours a day of you play.
Days a week.
Weeks a month.
I'm addicted; i feel the need to play every day, a couple hours (b/c what can you really do in 1-2 hours?, lord it takes a half hour to log sometimes!) each time... imagine what i could be doing to improve myself instead?Read up on many self-improvement books (i can think of 5 atleast right now that i have)Learn more about the stock markets so i can make more money.Work on my resume and do job searching (for a better, higher paying job that has a future)Help out in the house more, organize... whatever
So many things I could be doing instead of gaming...
But I love it, and will just need to learn better time management.

So farewell to those that rage quit. Hopefully instead of getting addicted to another game, you'll find more time to spend with your loved ones, improve yourself, live life to it's fullest!And for us still playing, especially those with low willpower, either use some pots or tallys (lol) and learn some self control ;)

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