WCPI - Bet your Bootae!

I kinda did it before, without the formal title, but it's time to give props to those that deserve. This week, its for Bootae's Bloody Blog.

First thing, I love his banner... sweet mother, it reminds me of something that i've seen in Warhammer videos, but banner form. If you look closely, there is a blood specks on the chosen's armor.

Second, he updates frequently and keeps me entertained while i'm at work and dreading my next call ;)

Third, photos! For us with ADD, what better way to keep our attention, but by adding photos? People like to add videos, which is nice and all; some put non-warhammer related vids which I don't watch.

Lastly; he plays destruction! (and a tank, tho i hope he doesn't attack the keep lord's turret during keep seige).. :D Lol

Keep it up Bootae! I salute you!

p.s. trying to lvl my dok on Vortex... new unlock coming soon!

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