Tease me

Found: Troll Country Orvr Coords: 7.4k, 52k
Where: in between Stone Troll keep and bo to the south.

Reward: History Tome unlock on Taal; hey its a mini keg!

Found: Troll Country Orvr Coords: 3.7k, 54k
Where: Between stone troll keep and the BO in those bushes

Reward: Pocket Item: Fear in a bottle (very cool graphic... IF you can buy it) :P

Yeaaaa.... our guild, Wake of Corruption on Vortex is now lvl 15 (obbbviously, we'd be higher lvl if we didn't do order on Volkmar); so you get to see the heraldry on your cloak! I was so excited... except we gotta wait till we're lvl 20 guild to be able to SEE the actual main symbol. That Mythic is such a kuk tease. Honestly.. you work so hard to get a 'reward' and then you gotta wait an eternity or 5 more lvls to see it.
Funny story; Order had captured the other night every keep and BO in t2 in Vortex and all we had left was Cascades of Thunder Keep in Ellyrion. I thought they were going to take it to lock the zone, so I claimed my first keep AND upgraded it to lvl 2.. throughout the night, I saw every 5 minutes 20 silver being drained from the guild bank.... tic toc tic toc........ No one attacked the keep...

I logged... and found out the next day, we ran out of money at 4 in the morning and lost control of our keep. LOL.....

/increase guild taxes

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  1. :)

    Yep, you get your colors at 15 and the emblem at 20. Gotta have something to look forward to!