To Vent or Not to Vent That is a Good Question..

Found: Barak Varr Coords: 20k, 51k
Under a bridge pretty close to the order warcamp; just normal mob, not champ.

Reward: Bestial Tactic..yayyy....

Found: Shadowlands ORvR Area Coords: 35k, 54k
If you head from spites reach towards Ellyrion, these bushes/trees are found on your left. You'd pass them and never think to look within!

Reward: Pocket Item: Broken Bowstring

Another first with WAR, was this was the first time I ever used Vent to play with other people, on an MMO. I've used it before (only for a very short duration) on Day of Defeat or maybe Call of Duty, but its all cussing and people I didn't know. See: Boring/Useless.

Vent is very useful... IF properly executed. huh?
Well vent is useless if you're all soloing and using it to just chat about nothing. Other than creating bonds... there is no practical use in that case.
But when used in questing, pq's, orvr, or scenarios is where it really shines.
Some people still hate to go on vent. The setup is not the easiest and some people don't like their voice on it..

Question: How many times have you tried to take down a defended keep's oil... its got a sliver of life left and somehow they are able to heal it back to full health, and that whole time you then wasted trying when you could be attacking the wall defenders or the door?

Answer: Every freaking time.
With vent, you can coordinate with your fellow ranged dps-ers and when it gets really low, to all unleash your morale abilities all at one time to ensure it gets taken down.
OR: your group sees a slayer coming towards your squishies but he has a healer friend, what do you do? Because what happens if you concentrate on the slayer, but no one is paying attention to the healer? or if you kill the healer, but the slayer kills all your healers?

Answer: Some people concentrate on protecting the healers, while attacking (and thus distracting the healer from healing the slayer) AND be able to coordinate killing either one/both effectively with minimal losses.

AND its much easier to do all this talking about it ahead of time or on the fly. And who is going to do that? You are. On vent; NOT typing it out, b/c if you're typing, you're not fighting/helping.

One thing i'd like to see in WAR, but this is may not be feasible is to have an in-game vent. How cool would that be? You join a party, and you join that vent of players. You join a warband and you join them. That tank is attacking the keep lord's champion turret instead of holding agro? (YES i'm looking at you Correl in Vortex! thats why you aren't guilded!) Kick him and get a REAL tank.

Feasibility? I dunno, it would cost alot? Well ... we do pay a subscription each month for the new content, support, etc, I think it would be very beneficial as outlined. I'd pay about 3-5$ more for that IF it was bug free **chokes from laughing** Imagine WOW with that.. 12 million people on vent? lol They can afford it :P

Anyways; time to make pots and tallys for the guild members.. my work never ends.


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