Skaven Tome Tactic

Unlocks are all fine and dandy, but in the first 4/5 months of launch, I never got a Tome Tactic (that the podcasts kept talking about), much less found a hidden scroll for a pocket item, other than the revolting crock which wasn't too impressive...

The earliest one i've been able to find was a two parter.. which i doubt most people would normally find (Boon of the Implacable).. but I found this the other day, thanks to Tome Titan and running around alot in Talabecland.

Found: Talabecland Destro Area Coords: 30k, 16k
Where: At the top of the Horned Tower, facing the south side.. click on the wooden part

Reward: Skaven Tome Tactic! (most tome tactics, you need 4-5 fragments to unlock it, this one only requires one... only drawback is you don't see skaven too often... atleast I haven't)

I was estatic and almost dumb-founded today when I logged in with my Squig Herder to find that Order had actually taken keeps and BO's in Averlorn (T3) and we had enough people online to take the keep. Actually.. we only had half a warband which grew to 3/4 of a warband. AND Order was actually defending the keep too.. only about half a warband tho, but i've been in a 6 man destro wb and defended a keep against a full WB of Order... so it is possible. We went on to take both keeps, surprisingly rolled order even tho they hid in the Lord Room, and went on to cap both Elf and Chaos areas...

I hope... that people stay interested till we all get to T4.. even though we are so dominant in both T2 and T3.. the IC always gets attacked.. I haven't really seen Altdorf getting attacked since coming back to Vortex.. oh well =)

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