Dust of Disappearance..


Beh... I have that same feeling I had a few times 3/4 months ago. And I don't even think that long.. How long has WAR been out? Basically, I think one of my closest friends Requiem who rejoined us in WAR has quit again. You know it. You've seen probably many of your own friends leave WAR. Sometimes they complain about this or that, or they just stop coming online. And you don't find out till you see them in RL and they like

"Oh.. yea, I quit...sorry for not telling you."

I hate that. Have the decency to let your friends know... but then again, its just a game right? ... or a passion that you put many hours into every day. Something that consumes your thoughts countless hours of the day. Lol; you know how they say guys think about sex "X amount of times a day", thats how it is with the addictiveness of MMO's like WAR.

Found: Mount Bloodhorn PvE area Coords: 3.5k, 61k
Where: Just by a tree, its a named (Maegda) Sprite

Reward: Mythical Tome Tactic Fragment (yayyyy....)

Open letter to Mythic...
Why has SO many people left WAR? Well you already know..
But... GASP.. let me tell you why I want to quit.. its because everyone around me is quitting too. That my girl friend Stig couldn't log into her DoK for the past month, had to spend 2 hours on the phone with your tech, finallllly uninstalled the whole game (oh by the way, it worked on my computer).. then it worked.... ONLY to have her Magus then be glitched and crash every 5 minutes.

I always told my friend Requiem.. don't worry buddy, I'll be here even till the next MMO. THATS how committed i am. How much I like the game. Geez, so much time well wasted when i could/SHOULD be doing more critical things in life.

I always said too, that why should Mythic care that they aren't WoW? They still have thousands of subscribers every month playing (and hence paying for) their game... it obviously didn't help that WoW came out with a major expansion the next month or so after.. but it was a major drop in subscribers! Yeah, we sold the most Xxxxx... but then you had such a big drop in active subscribers.. and they you gotta consolidate so many servers.. The game isn't WoW, its a niche game.. and maybe thats what turns off SOME people..

My own personal wishlist includes (which i don't see happening):
- more people doing public quests
- more low lvl accessible dungeons
- more scenario pops
~~why this won't happen.. is that the game IS ORvR.. to do anything else is kinda pointless/rewards isn't as good

- less glitches
- less general crashes (i remember the days i would avoid the Inevitable City like the plague b/c it was instant crash for me)
- i guess for the higher end people, less zone crashes
- less graphical anomalies
- less getting stuck on anything i walk into (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
~~geez how much does that p!ss you off? getting stuck to a wall... jumpjumpjumpjumpjumpjumpjumpjumpjumpjumpjumpjumpjumpjumpjumpjump
"You are stuck..."

I still love the game, don't get me wrong.. I've been playing my dok with Stig but only when she's on. Today, played a bit with my blackguard, love the high armor, the mechanic (hate + tactics = aoe!aoe!aoe!aoe!aoe!aoe!aoe!aoe!aoe!aoe! = efficiency), and then played a bit with my Squig Herder... he's great in Orvr.. takes down things pretty well for a lowbie.. not 'too' dependent on gear (like my dok, omg another rant in a sec), great range.. easy abilities to love =)

Oh one thing about the new 1.3 patch... damn you mythic.. damn you damn you damn you! spending SO much time grinding influence AND renown to find out my purple-chalice -of-gf-hating-me-b/c-i-keep-playing-it-even-tho-shees-not-on.


THAT purple chalice.. is now going to be the purple-chalice-of-I-wasted-so-much-time-to-obtain-to-have-mythic-nerf-it-chalice. B/c they are nerfing the soul essence regeneration... AND causing some of my most potent heals into longer casting ones... fannnntassstic..

/light the room on fire and cause server-wide crash

**oh just found out the gf is cancelling her acct... one less reason to play.. besides everyone else losing interest...


  1. You can't win when you quit. If you post about it than all the fanboi's will reply with "who are you?", "who cares?", "go tell your mom", etc. If you don't tell anyone than everyone is pissed that magically one day you never logged back on, and they are left to wonder what happened like "did he die in RL?", "did he find a gf", "did he get a job?"

    So no matter what when you quit someone will cry on the way you decided to do it.

  2. I'll miss the cool blog posts!

    Pity about the GF cancel. My wife doesnt play either if it makes you feel better!