True Name

Found: High Pass Orvr Coords: 14.5k, 62k
Where: By Feiten's Lock BO behind some crumbled wall

Reward: Pocket Item: Discus Tech....which destro cannot buy.. :P
Fine! I didn't want it anyways...

Jomu Wanderlust! (Just One More Unlock) =D

"A name reflects it's owner's nature, but what if that name really is false?
If something goes by a false name, would it mean that thing is false, false by nature?" ~gundam seed destiny

I'm proud of my guild; we are quite dominant in most aspects of the game.
Whether when we lead good warbands in open rvr.
Or when we dominate in sc's (either by winning, or out dps/healing/renown/xp/etc)
I'm concerned about our lvl as a guild; being that we had tons of very addicted members at launch and then everyone just left (thank you WoW), and then eventually I had to leave too for friends that actually did stay, but in Order on Volkmar server.
Coming back to Destruction was refreshing, the DoK being a very fun and flexible class. And even though we're a lvl 15 guild which isn't anything to scoff at, there are many guilds that stayed from the get go, constantly recruited and have taken over many keeps and are wayyyy higher lvled than we are.
The dilemma I face now is that though my guild recruits on an on and off basis, because we are laid back, we don't have much of a screening process which has resulted in us having some really young AND immature players.
The plus side of this is that they may play alot giving us good xp and guild money/loot.
BUT then i have to hear this whiney child spam guild chat with his nonsense.
Yes, i'm very happy that you're going to go on your bike at 7.... but that is too much information for the rest of us.
So not only does he annoy me and everyone else in the guild, he acts immature when conversing with others in the server.
NOT good; we may remember the good players, but we will most certainly remember forever the bad and annoying players.
I remember SS the squig herder who i purposely came to Ellyrion to, just to NOT heal you, laugh at your corpse and jump on it for good measure (i'm a bitter healer).
Or V-man, who only got good heals and rezzes b/c you were in my sc and i wanted renown. Otherwise i'd tenderize your corpse too!
He's only in the guild now b/c he was from the old guild in Volkmar, otherwise he'd be gone a long time ago...

Note to self: develop a screening process for recruitment..

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