Quitting is for quitters

Yeah.. I think my last blog was a bit too ranty.. but i think i'm entitled to it, it is a blog afterall. I find people on xanga where my original personal blog resides, either:

1. Have interesting, thought provoking things to talk/write about- which I appologize for not doing enuf of that, I would rather play than blog lol- and i designed the site more for unlocks than entries

2. Write about their daily going ons- which is kinda on the boring side /skip

3. Rants- which you have to admit are helpful in releasing that built up tension

Lol "Open letter to mythic",,, that IS very fanboi..

I love the game, it was totally worth the wait... possibly better (?) than the excruiating wait for WoW.Lots of great ideas (pq's, tome of knowledge) and i liked their niche (orvr).

They listened to their feedback and always seemed to try to address them as best they could and much better than any other mmo company; I tried taking information technology in univeristy and found I couldn't grasp the basic concepts of programming and went into business instead, so i totally understand, it is a work in progress, and if they could, they would.

There are issues of course; which honestly, don't bother me too much... it bothers me that it bothers other people which can cause rage quits.BUT ill admit; I haven't encountered constant crashes, bugged characters, or other persistent game-breaking issues.I think i'd probably rage quit too tho.. thankfully my computer **finds some wood to knock on** has been good to me.

What causes my addiction and loss of interest is not any of that really; its really only one thing: other people.When there are lots of people that are playing, it keeps me in it as they talk about it, strategize, thinking about it, and more exciting.

Xbox has it right: "Its fun to play together"- last night i was watching my brother play some sort of multiple choice trivia game on xbox live with his friend.. and it was exciting b/c it was against so many people

If you go through the gate at the back of the Inevitable City, it teleports you to an area that actually looks like this.. smexy!

But when there aren't people to play with that you personally know, even an mmo can be lonely. Sure, get to know more people, join a guild, get on their vent, etc etc.I'm just not like that, and its a bit disappointing that they all left (especially the ones that doesn't tell you).

And who wants to do scenarios/orvr with Pugs?..ugly little things..

Lol; I kinda wish this all happened AFTER Land of the Dead expansion came out, but its alright.I'll still play, maybe change my playstyle a bit (before it was more sc's, pqing and questing with the gf/guild)... ill probably concentrate on my squig herder, whom I absolutely love..

I kinda spoiled my readers with daily updates and unlocks, but there will have to be slightly less (ill try every other day; but we'll get quality unlocks).Hope there are still those that will come here and read and find some great tome unlocks!

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