Different Unlocks

Heh; i'm just like my friend, I end up not saying a word when I stop playing.. i've just been 'busy' but mostly lazy to blog about it... T3 has broken me. The emptiness of it all in that area and the fact that all my friends left the game except one addicted one.. she is now proud leader of our almost scroll-enabled guild and inherits 800+g plus 8 black dyes which may fetch for even more! Not to mention a guild filled with 60+ alts. Destro has attention deficit disorder.. seriously.. when we came back to Vortex from playing Order on Volkmar, we started with 8 guild members, which expanded all the way to 60+.. but only about 10 real people playing.. some people just kept making alts... i hate that..Farewell WH, you were great; hopefully my friend will take some interesting screen shots and maybe even some tome unlocks i can show off. Maybe ill sift through my screen shots and see if i can find a few more unlocks.

I replaced WAR with DDO;
Dungeons and Dragons online.. i've always been really into the D&D, i love the lore, how classes, skills, feats, everything, how it works. I think my first game was Eye of the Beholder.

I didn't really know how to play the game and (lol) never got out of the first room; granted i wasn't old enuf to appreciate the game, apparently it was a very good game at the day... revolutionary even.
I appologize if 1/3 the screen doesn't show.. yet another problem that could be solved with proper use of coding.. that i don't know how to implement.
find it here: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/10287.html

/accidently deletes more than half his blog with a down-delete press...
/can't find the undo button
/rage quits blogger
/good thing it was a saved blog
/accidently deletes it 2 more times.. Frack!

As good or better than
Neverwinter Nights?
meh; how can you be missing druids?
The missing classes is a big let down and its not too easy to see how skill link up; like if you get A, then it'll open up B; when it does that, its a basic (console feel) linking like:
Strength 1 - increases strength by 1
Strength 2 - requires str 1; increases strength by 3
Its not like:
Power attack - increases damage at the cost of chance to hit
Cleave - requires power attack; attacks a foe next to your target

Annnnnd i switched teams (lol, not that kind.. i like the ladies!) .. I got a Xbox 360...
There are just no good games out for the pc.. its sad. Its like to make money, you need to have an mmo; otherwise what is the point?
Have you noticed pc players, that the pc section of EB Games is really crappy now?
At my old store, we always devoted a large section of the wall for them.. now most of them is barely one shelf length and all the boxes are creased, crushed or ripped b/c no one buys them.

Been playing Left for Dead and Gears of War 2
Bought Castle Crashers from the marketplace (very excited to play with someone.. if i can convince them)

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  1. Hey, I've been reading your posts for a long time now (never posted a response though I think) and they've always been real helpful at getting unlocks. I recently quit playing WAR and am playing on xbox live as well. Most of the time I play Left 4 Dead, Call of Duty, of Team Fortress 2. If you ever wanna play some L4D my screen name is Nosajje, feel free to add me.