Found: Chaos Wastes Destro side Coords: 12.5k, 55k
Where: Walk towards the cave

Reward: Title: The Screamer Seeker (not bad)

No matter which tier you play... whatever game it is (not just WAR), there is going to be stupid people. Lazy people.

Today, there was a 3/4 full warband trying to take Stoneclaw Keep in High Pass... granted there were already less than a half warband of order guarding... people really sucked. I actually wasted 60s buying rams. I had to ask..

"Do we have any rams?"

No one answered.. and the person that did have a ram(2 of them actually)... didn't use it.. Smart. I should have known as soon as the warband didn't have any rams or weren't using them, not to join them..

So I put down my ram.. and the 2 other tanks didn't even come help..
And the healers... (i'm not gonna say didn't heal) had to heal the stupid people that couldn't protect them! And it was only 2 tanks and a witch hunter attacking them... sad.

As soon as I died and noticed the warband fleeing.. I quit. Wasted time and money.

Rage quit! lol.. j/k (i love my blackguard too much)

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