Land of the Dead.. snoozefest

So after some busy days i've been actually able to log in and try this fabled LoTD..
I was really hoping for something mind-blowing... but right now just seems like every other live event.. do some stuff, mostly in the Orvr area, this time without influence, just a crappy title if you complete all 10 chores.

One of the first and easiest quests is to go to Orvr lakes, find a camp such as this (Saphery, north of the well of Q) and loot the cargo boxes.

Be warned, maybe every 4/5 boxes a hostile skeleton spawns which either spawns a lvl 26 skeleton or of your same lvl.

Granted if you were in a very active server **cough cough not mine cough**, it would be hard to get these boxes as you'd have to compete with your fellow destro and Order... sadly.. it seems its even MORE empty than I remember it to be.. and i grabbed over 30 fast spawing boxes with impunity.

Lets insert something good that happened today (before a bit more griping); A CSR actually messaged me today to try to help me fix my bugged standard (i was the std bearer but couldn't deploy it..).. it did maybe take 3 weeks to get addressed, and it kinda fixed itself.. but i guess its nice that they responded eventually. Imagine 15+ servers.. thousands of players.. all possibly with atleast 1 issue, and trying to get to them WHILE they're playing.. i'm lucky that I actually had a CSR help me twice now..

Anyways; I got into the Dungeons and Dragons Online beta, granted if it let me play it would be wicked.. but something is wrong.. no worries.

I hope tomorrow will be a better day.. hope everyone else is having more fun :)


  1. ive had fun trying the different zones to find the other side clicking crates. Then I kill em!

  2. On Badlands, there is a lot of action over the crates so it has been fun (in Tier 4). Also, about 1 in 10 boxes seems to have a skeleton for me.