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So this week I'd like to promote the fella at One Shard.

Usually i'm a sucker for a nice colorful banner (*cough* Bootae *cough*).. but what is great about Shard's site is that there are frequent entries and thoughtful entries. We need to get you a talented artist for a banner that fits your writing talent! :D

I must visit Shard's site atleast once a day now from work.. always a great read! Keep it up!

So the other day we talked about how to get a bestial token to buy a trophy from the capital city.. here is a photo of Witch's Gift trophy I bought with my (hideous b/c you can't dye the robe) lvl 40 sorc.. Its so small.. I DEMAND BIGGER TROPHIES! lol... its on the left shoulder, the red potion..

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