Edit: Gaming much?

Once again, Blogger has foiled a great attempt at a more 'visually' appealing blog.. You're probably all getting the Warhammer Newsletter which showed most recently Paul Barnett posing in Korea with two very luscious asian elves.. shadow warriors and sorceress' never looked so good!

/tries to upload a smaller pic.. no good.. hate blogger!

Read the newsletter
here(smexy pics included)

Credit where it's due: GU Comics (i visit this site every day too at work.. ty ty)
I was kinda wondering where all the bloggers went; but i guess you were all gaming and either trying to lvl up to get to, or already are enjoying the Land of the Dead expansion. Hope it great; haven't seen too many positive reviews.. I miss it (mmo gameplay); and have been replacing it with alot of 360 LIVE gaming.. I miss the White Lion surprisingly.. hated how dumb my lion would agro mobs.. but loved the look and style of his armor (samurai style- didn't realize it until i read it)

Heh; I pass by a church (not this one) usually when i go to visit my friend Hunter; and the back side faces the main street, but it has a postern/back door. I feel like camping it from defenders! :D

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