Lol; I wanted the day to be more enjoyable yesterday at work and was reading some webcomics from Penny Arcade and found a comic on one of my all-time favorite games Heroes of Might and Magic 4...

Found: Badlands Coords: 24k, 26.5k
Where: On an island talk to Foigak

Reward: Pocket item: Steamtrain token

Found: Chaos Wastes Coords: 23k, 10k
Where: Behind the pillar of this BO

Reward: Title: The Anarchist
Before launch of WAR, I had my heart set on 2 main classes: the Blackguard and the DoK. To my dismay, the blackguard was removed from launch, and I created my DoK instead.. without the soul essence regeneration we were a poor multi-target healer as we constantly needed to sacrifice our AP for it and really was only good for solo-ing. But at launch with an abundance of people (vs now), there was no need for that.

So I created my Sorcerer instead.. enjoyed the massive dps of the doombolt, or with a pocket healer, be able to kill 10-15 mobs at a time in pqs/pve. It met my playstyle of the kamikaze-do-as-much-damage-as-possible-then-die... I couldn't count the amt of times i would have died from my own backlash tho..

I've recently picked up my Magus again, I liked the aspect of having tons and tons of dots.. and having a disc to ride on looks like a snowboarder... but I found it got boring, was hard to solo, and didn't do as much single target dps.
Until now. Lol. It was partially learning how to play the character correctly, and partially I didn't have all the skills I do now (lvl 30 as of last night). With the magus, once again, its all about the aoe dots, causing havoc, and having order flee and stay not all grouped up and making them pay with 3-4 dots (to a possible 7-8) if they do. BUT what many may not realize, we have:
2 knockdowns
- one in the form of a daemonic infestation (doesn't proc as much as i like)
- one in the form of daemonic instability (reqs a demon)
1 snare
1 knockback
Its much more than the other classes i've played but that could be a case that i haven't played that many classes to lvl 30+ (Sorc, Blackguard, DoK, Squigherder, Magus)
Its still hard to coordinate pve and taking down multiple melee mobs, but taking down groups of ranged with those skills makes it easy-peasy.

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