You could just ... cruise the vistas...

I guess you always take personal offence when someone criticize's your favorite game even when they don't mean it or they may be right in some way.
My friend would always say how the graphics to the game wasn't as good as WoW (i really hate comparisons to it, but it is a 'good' game).
How are these for good graphics? :P

You look at this one, and you know you're in the chaos wastes..

A bridge overlooking the orvr ravine towards the chaotic chaos wastes

The very dark and foreboding feeling of the Inevitable City. Stop. Take a look at the top, they spend the time to make and design it for you, look and admire. Otherwise, why make anything higher than the wall?

The Bastion Staire (sp?).. you know where angels live :P

This one is a pick of my blackguard's new trophy on his waisttt... can you see it? Its The Dark Chalice... pretty cool one.. =)

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