Found: Barak Varr Near the Order WC Coords: 21k, 47k
Where: Talk to this Orge Bull, within orvr area, so run in, run out

Reward: Title: The Crusher

When I first started this, I didn't really have a method to these unlocks, and now I forget which unlocks i've posted (and i don't intend on going back and reading my entries.. lol so sorry if I post the entries again).

It would be cool if you could pick a faction of Chaos instead of being stuck (?) with Tzench..

Imagine looking like this guy..

I feel quite alone these days in WAR..

I've given up on T3, there is very limited orvr action and I don't know what people are doing, but they are NOT lvling to T4. They're all like my friend Capo; all just playing orvr and getting annoyed that there is no one out there. I find in Vortex, there is only a certain time of day, generally around 4pm that there is a wb that will cap everything, see that Order isn't around and log off.
So I go and power lvl my Magus, Squigherder, Blackguard and Disciple of Khaine.. they're all almost 30+ now. There seems to be more pvp in T4.. but to our 2 wbs of destruction, there always seems to be 3-4 wbs of order. And order is MUCH better than destro. We just don't seems to coordinate very well or give up quite fast.
How great would it have been if destro, right from the get-go, wasn't so prideful and had only one or two MAJOR guilds, instead of what seems to be 100+ guilds. With Paypal, the leaders can all pool together a bit of money and buy a vent together. We could be more organized, we'd dominate. But what kind of world would we live in if people actually could create and stick with 1/2 main guilds?

An impossible one.

I don't "hope for Mythic's sake" that Land of the Dead will be hugely successful.
I hope its interesting.
That i'll find new things I can enjoy.
Make the game strong.

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