Still alive and kicking

Found: Talabecland Destro side Coords: 22k, 32k (more and higher spawn)
Where: Kill these chaos mutants and they drop bound hands, collect 10

Reward: Title: The Unsullied

Found: Saphery Destro Side Coords 9.1k, 35k
Where: In the Destro Saphery WC, talk to this npc

Reward: Bestial Token!! (use it to buy a nice trophy at the capital!)

I guess it makes sense that such a reward (the token) would be in t3, otherwise everyone would be able to see how the special trophies look. I picked for my squig herder, Choppas and Bones, which is the pirate equivalent.. very disappointed.. all white.. very small... can't notice it at all unless you are inspecting the player and REALLY looking. Oh well.
Sorry about the delay in entries, RL stuff suckkkkssss..

Btw, where the heck is everyone on the Vortex server? Are we all in T4, or T2? The T2 people have attention deficit disorder and can't make characters beyong lvl 21, b/c Destro always has all the keeps and bos in T3, sometimes not locked b/c no one is queuing for PQs.. empty bar. I really hope Mythic implements cross server sc's and has more server merges.. its so lonely in t3.. i'm trying to lvl as fast as possible, unlike my friend Capo (who is only doing orvr to get max influence now in t3: will never happen) so I can join groups doing LoTD or atleast T4 stuff. Defending IC is better than twiddling my thumbs and actually doing something productive! ;)

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