Companies to work for... ... ...NOT

bad press. poorly thought out ideas. bad implementation. management decisions gone wrong.

Check [box of company]
Toyato - braking system
GE - power steering
Atari/Cryptic - STO free months close to release
Mythic - poor end game to Warhammer
gPotatoe - Allod's online & price gouging

Companies that you don't want to work for. Products you don't want to buy from. When you see these poor images of the company that you work for, its demoralizing and embarassing.
You sometimes wonder the logic behind upper management that implements poorly thought out ideas which causes their customer base to become irate which becomes public which develops a poor reputation. Its sometimes feels like the major cause of this is the removal from the front lines and the lack of communication of those people. That money is the be-all and end-all.

As for Cryptic, their Champions Online issues (who plays that by the way anymore?) and now their STO short game experience (1/2 months worth of content) issues just continues to damage their public reputation. For me, I was actually going to try STO had I didn't hear of the short time it takes to max level and nothing to do beyond max level. Even in Warhammer (maybe I shouldn't use 'even' b/c its a great game) it can take quite a while to get to max level, though it does benefit from two leveling systems, actual level and renown level. Now for me, I would swear off any Cryptic products for myself and anyone interested. I'm not looking for handouts from Cryptic or a free tour like those boycotters for Left for Dead 2, its just consistent poor choices are sometimes unrepairable until they truly make a remarkable product.

For as much as I love Whammer Online (hey, even 5/6 months after I quit, I got the epic stein), I don't really trust the direction it's going in and why they need to keep switching producers. That to me just shows instability, bad experiences to be had, and shortening of game life span. To work there, it may be stressful/unpleasant to have shifting management with different needs or requirements that need to be met. Where the customer base wants one thing, the management thinks they need something else. Just like the fiasco of the removal of the bulk of the scenarios. Even though Mythic was able to find a better solution, why did they need to do that at all? Why did they not know or try to find out what the customers wanted. Not just the small but vocal minority, but the larger whole? Sure scenario's have a greater impact to the game, but have they touched the end game which leave alot to the imagination?

Can you remember the days that it was a major accomplishment for that european server that had their first KingKill? That getting to the capital city to seige was a major thing.. and not a daily occurence..

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