Next Borderlands DLC - Ice World

Atleast I hope it would be an iceworld.. that would be cool ;)
Ice Skags... new elemental: Ice to slow down baddies
Maybe a new character.. or new skills atleast?

Here is a mini article on Kotaku on how the evolution of Borderlands can be compared with mmo's such as WoW. I find it interesting how the sales of Borderlands continues to stay strong, even 6 months after launch as there wasn't too much fanfare of the game.

By the way, this link writes on how Gearbox intends to keep producing additional dlc's for the game. I was a bit worried that since the most recent dlc (Knoxx's Secret Armory) was quite big, that this may be their last one. That is not the case apparently. See you in Pandora!

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