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My work tends to be sometimes tedious, boring and frustrating at times, but my coworkers always make it worth it as per this discussion between five of us:


Now try to say that doens't look delicious - cheese and ketchup.
Must be a polish thing!
You should try it, it's sooooooo good.
They won't believe that ketchup on cheese tastes sooo good ;-)
Oh believe me, it's really good.
Cheese works with everything, even fish.
ya, the Filet o fish at McD''s
Thats true, I didn't even think about that one
I think thats where i stop with cheese n fish though.
Any fish at all, you put a block of Feta, Cheddar, blue cheese or whatever type of cheese beside it, all of a sudden the meal just got better.

A separate conversation went this way:
They won't believe that ketchup on cheese tastes sooo good ;-)
I believe it, I put ketchup on my macaroni and cheese
Thats different....
Dude its delicious
Mac n cheese w/ketchup is normal.
Plain bread, cheese and ketchup on top is odd.
At least add another piece of bread on top and grill it, then dip it in the ketchup. Thats ok

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  1. I concur mac'n'sheese and ketchup are great. The bread stick thing looks nasty.