Don't Streamline Me!

I love to micromanage in my games. Hence maybe why I love games like D&D and Neverwinter nights, wasn't as happy with Dragon Age (slight stream-lining of abilities and spells), high disappointed with Mass Effect 2 (definite lack of weapons, which is made up via a plethora of [boring]upgrades) and bored with Final Fantasy XIII (1 weapon and 1 acccessory slot which are upgradeable). My friends and I have a game (usually boardgame) night usually every other weekend and I wish we played D&D. Unfortunately my group would never have the stamina to put so much effort into character creation and roleplaying and thus we're stuck to Settlers (of Catan), Agricola, Killer Bunnies and Munchkins. Though still complex games, they are more pick up and go games.

After playing FFXIII for a few days, i've had the urge to play FF Tactics 2 on the Nintendo DS again. I got it when it first came out and loved it. Oodles of ways to customize your party, indepth character customization, from the classes, skills, dual classes, number of party members, stats, everything. I stopped for one reason or another, but now that i'm back into it, I created this chart.
Basically showing the loadouts of the way I want to have my party and what the requirements would be (whether certain classes are required or quests needed to be eligible). 3 main teams, my balanced team, utility (see: rob you blind) team and dps team.
I respect companies that are trying to give console players the ability to play RPG's, games that traditionally have more micromanagement, but the games tend to be streamlined or more basic. For us used to making charts like this, games like FFXIII kinda loses that shine.

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