A word of thanks

I am a consciously grateful person and its unfortunate that people don't take it as genuine b/c (even more) unfortunately people usually aren't. Whether I genuinely point out something I like on a person (hair cut, piece of clothing) or give word of thanks (ie when my managers help us by taking inbound calls), people are caught off guard and raise an eyebrow."What's his angle? what does he want?"

There is no angle. Take it as truth.

I am grateful to Gearbox that they took the time to fix some greatly annoying bugs in some of their previously released dlc in Borderlands. Whether it be in Dr Ned's Zombie dlc or Mad Moxxi's Underdome dlc, things were fixed. And until you actually do programming yourself, please don't say its easy, b/c its not. Not all companies are quick in doing so (patching). Some companies will just keep releasing dlc to reap more money and not bother about past projects and issues. And how often do you hear someone saying 'thank you' for fixing an issue? They will just find something else to complain about.

In the Mad Moxxi Underdome (MMU) dlc, one of the biggest annoyances in the game was how if you were playing coop (which is the only way to play it!), and someone accessed the bank, it would freeze the other players from doing anything. And if you were stuck with a person that took forever to make decisions, you were unfortunately stuck waiting for a long time. And now its fixed; you can freely roam, or access your bank at the same time without having the annoyance of waiting in limbo.

Thank you.

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  1. muhahahaha! you are totally pointing out your annoyance with me:P hahahaha