It's a miracle

3 other friends on xbox live playing Borderlands equalled some of the best 4 player (vs higher number)coop mayhem last night that i've ever encountered.

Revenant - Siren 41
DancingG - Siren 38 with shield strength increaser mod
BladeK - Soldier 41 with regenerating ammo mod ftw
myself - Berserker 38 alternating between health increase mod and damage mod

We started off by finishing off the Dr Ned Zombie DLC and then tried the Secret Armory DLC which was loads of fun and wayyyyy easier than playing solo or even two player.

Borderlands was, is, and forever shall be a multiplayer game first and foremost, though single player for some people will still be great.

Some additional things I noticed while playing last night:
- the cars need a rear view mirror; b/c i was leading but wasn't sure whether my friend's vehicle was close behind, i would slow down or stop which would result in them crashing into me, with my back end in the air (i know how that sounds) and their front in the air as well and we'd be stuck.
- crashing was very easy, though funny, and slightly annoying- no fast travel (i said that already), but one or two more fast travel points would have been nice

- got a few achievements that you'd have a hard time getting alone

"Destroyed a Lancer while in a Racer - 25 points"

- Badass Shock Troopers needs everyone to concentrate their fire on, otherwise they have screaming fast shield regen
- same thing with the medics, you need to take them out first otherwise you're just pumping ammo into their buddies
- there is a good mix of Atlas troops, though they should have more appropriate weapons than just one with elemental properties for the badass kind and atleast higher resists than they currently have

- there are TONS of drops.. not enough space even if you did all the Clap Trap quests(you should have 42 slots unless you're glitched and have even more); or the placement of the vendors are too sparse
- i want to look at my friend's 'paperdoll' to see what kind of gear they have on them instead of constant asking and having to throw down the weapon
- which leads to a trading screen for secure trades, if you play with (unfortunately) jerks, they may steal the item before the other can pick it up

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