Xbox 360 Arcade on Sale

Only $129.99

This is the best time to get one if were on the fence of getting the system. Its not a perfect system but its a good deal at this price:
Quick Pros:
- great online system (tho not free) via Xbox Live
- lots of great action/shooter games
- comfortable controller
- easy online marketplace which allows downloads of expansions, patches, demos, and games-on-demand

Quick Cons:
- RED RING OF DEATH; not the most reliable system (nearly everyone I know that has one has had to replace it so far vs the ps3 which is rarely replaced [xp via working at EB Games])
- channels not as intuitive as the ps3

I'm thinking of buying it just to have an extra!

I'm not the biggest fan of the PS3, but I love their funny commercials!


  1. Damn.. they only ship to Canada..

  2. and apparently this sale is only good today or possibly tomorrow. I read on Kotaku that they developed a new motherboard for the 360; so maybe get rid of old stock to make way for the new design

  3. I see.. well, I hope games will be reverse-compatible for a several years, I think I'll buy one of these during the summer :)