Stormtrooper Skillz

I suggest in future iterations of Borderlands (and FPS):

Baddies need to either shoot better
More baddies need to spawn (& spawn more randomly)

The best case of this is shown in the Zombie Island DLC, where there are just enough enemies that come at the player from all directions, that it is easy to get swarmed and the player really needs to pay attention of what is happening on all sides. Now if they had that many randomly spawning shooting-baddies even if they currently have Stormtrooper-like accuracy, you'd still be in trouble.

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One of the most comforting but boring things about the game is how humanoids always will file out of a hut/door to confront the player. And it is always the closest door and one at a time. A player's main strategy is to aim at the door, kill 3-5 baddies and then move to the next door/spawn area as there is only a finite amount of baddies unless you wait a good hour or so (no one really spends that much time in one area). What made the Zombie DLC challenging is that the original campaign spiderants/lobsters/animals, they would pop up randomly from the ground from all sides of the player, whereas humanoids in the original campaign only (logically) came through doors. What Secret Knoxx DLC did as an attempt to fix that issue was to have rocketeers that came out of unreachable platforms or had Atlas soldiers slide down a pole like firefighters. What future DLC baddies should be able to do is climb up through grates.

Bought it on dvd and watched it for the second time last night.. pretty good!

Nothing is scarier in the Zombie Island DLC is by happily mowing down zombie after zombie and suddenly see a huge bite mark on your screen, see your shields down, your health dangerously low, turn around to take out the crawling zombie, turn around again and be now surrounded by the other zombies!

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