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How do you want to see the next big mmo's fast travel system to work?

In regards to long distance fast travel:
Wow's nearly every city, non instantaneous, flight paths which used to require mutliple stops, though now I believe it's automatic. The farther it is, the more expensive it becomes. Travel to opposite continents did require travel via free zepplins or boats which would come every 5 or so minutes.

Warhammer Online, fast travel via flight masters at each warcamp; initially just need to get to a flightmaster and then can instantly teleport/fly to a warcamp in any tier with increasing costs depending on the tier. Cost of travel to the capital city though was greatly reduced.

Fallout Type fast travel, once you find the area, you can instantly fast travel back to that place with no cost. I like in Warhammer how it is a flat fee depending on the tier, which makes sense b/c as you lvl up and are able to go to the higher lvl areas, you can afford the flights BUT it doesn't work the greatest imho for the game which has alot of travelling to different tiers to strike at different keeps/lock zones/prevent zone locks, as it ends up costing alot over time. I also like how fast travel is instantaneous.

I like in WoW how to get the priviledge of using fast travel, you need to discover the place too. It doesn't seem to cost too much to travel, but it is a bit mind numbing waiting to get there. I believe implementing the mini games (was it bejeweled?) was a nice touch, especially if it gave some sort of minor reward (the cost of travel, or achievement/title), it should NOT give a major reward that would cause people to constantly travel.

Fallout system is good, though it can be abused; as long as you discover the area, you can return as frequent as you like, doesn't waste any time, and doesn't cost anything.


Staying similar to the same topic, I was thinking, one of the major issues my friends and I had with playing was trying to all get in one place to quest/raid/pvp etc. With dungeon finders and queues it has become easier to raid and do pvp, but its still difficult to do normal quests. You may say that you have a stone of recall to get back to the town where all your quests are, right? Whereas that may be true, your friend may have been questing somewhere else and doesn't have that town set as the waypoint.

In a future mmo, i'd like to see some sort of item that allows you to teleport to your friend; with a cooldown of once per day. This would probably work better as a cash shop item (yeah yeah "boo!"), so you can buy it, give it to your friend and it binds of pickup and buy additional ones for your other friends/guildies. The item shouldn't take any space but invisibly bind and be found in your friend\link list.

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