Bargains Galore

I'm on the fence on whether Steam is the cause to my woes with the crashing of my games especially Fallout New Vegas.. but ill admit, its a well designed platform to deliver games online and connect with your friends similar to if not better than Xbox Live. Not only that, they are finding better ways of knowing the games you like and getting you deals.

Take now for instance, they have a Thanksgiving/Black Friday weekend, where there are massive sales on many major titles. If you create a wishlist of atleast 10 games and are in good standing, there is a chance that you might win the chance to have your top 5 games on your wishlist be free. Most sales are pretty big, I got Left for Dead 2 for only 5$ yesterday.. only problem is if your connection sucks, you'll be downloading the game for ages.. **cough 12 hours**

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