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I was reading the article by Shadow who makes an argument that the meaning of "mmo" has evolved over the years through it's popularity and that WAR in his opinion is not an mmo but still a great game. Whereas I may not have the same opinion as he does, this entry is not to argue it. This entry is on reminiscing.

Remember the days when if you and your friends/guild wanted to do a dungeon raid, you'd actually have to make a trek there by hoofing it there? No electronic queues, no teleport scrolls, no other forms of fast travel other than mounts. You'd have to carefully pack all the resources you needed, no recall stones to the town which you last visited, making logging out in town very important versus just logging out in the wilderness. It would be good to travel together and close as there were wild monsters and aggressive players out there ready to gank you.

Talking about mounts; can you remember a time in which having a mount was rather impressive and rather rare?

Also to do some pvp you'd actually have to go to an arena (UO), or actual pvp was non-consensual and you could attack anyone you wanted (even though there were reprocussions?)

The virtual worlds in which we inhabit tend to get bigger in size but become quite small with such conveniences. I personally dont' mind making a long trip in mmos as the reward was usually justified and that it was fair. It made grouping more important and soloing more challenging but more rewarding.

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