Fallout Tips

Looking for Microfusion cells?
- go to the Robco HQ; there is a locked room with TONS of them on a table
- Hidden Valley Brotherhood of Steel sleeping quarters; each footlocker has about 50+ cells, just need good sneaking

ok, maybe a post-apocalyptic wasteland wouldn't look like this..

One of the hardest things in the game (imho) is finding a reliable vendor that has money to sell your excess loot
- north of Novac is Old Lady Gibson that can repair your items and that money you spend is put into her pool of money which you can use to sell
- Novac also seems to have 2 wandering merchants plus a healer

You never know when you'll find a grave and when you'll need that shovel
- i've only seen one shovel, and thats at one of the water pumps when killing geckos at Goodsprings

Speech is critical in this game; if you want to do quests, raise that speech. Otherwise if I just hunted mobs for exp, I would try to increase it as soon as possible.

It would probably look like this though..

Barter is quite important in conversations as well. Not only does it give you more money, but there seems to be more dialogues you can pass with a high Barter.

Repairing is expensive. The ghoul companion Raul found at Black Mountain is fantastic; his perk decreases the deterioration rate so you don't need to repair as often.

The companion Rex the mechanical dog.. the speed upgrade doesn't seem that great; it was chasing a baddie but it needed the baddie to stop to be able to attack it, making the speed boost worthless.

Encountered a bug where Raul stopped following me; pushing him didn't help, nor telling him to wait, teleporting to other areas, nothing. Try dismissing him, which will result in him going back to his shack (south east of Boomers area). Talk to him again and he'll follow you again. Weird bugs.

Another one; sometimes on the pc atleast, you'll find that the game freezes while in transition. Press Ctrl-Alt-Del and pull up task manager; DON"T dismiss the game, just wait till you get to the desktop and can see the icon/window at the bottom. By time you can see that, you should be able to close task manager and click on the window to re-maximize it and the game will be paused.

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