All my games (X-Com, Fallout New Vegas, Left for Dead 2) that i've been playing recently (barring Civ5) crashes to desktop constantly. I see my pc resources used up nearly 100% which is probably why its crashing.

What are my options to preventing this?
My pc is overclocked, so i'm wondering how much a difference it will make to unclock it.
Maybe it is Steam that is the cause of the crash?
Maybe it is just pc games in general are more buggey?
Maybe I need to upgrade my pc, ram (2 gigs), video card GEForce 8800), processor 3.GHz?
I have the most up to date video drivers and have uninstalled and reinstalled the games.
Maybe I need to reformat my pc...?

Any suggestions?


  1. I know this will wound like a broken record, but I cannot stress the importance of a competent virus-checker.

    I have had to rebuild my PC from scratch four times in the last 9 years. Three was because of a virus that wrecked everything. Once was an unfortunate spill.

  2. You need an upgrade. Newer games are going to rock your video card, make your processor cry, and eat all you nomnomnom RAM right up. Hell, you probably just need a new PC.

    If you want to start on an upgrade path, put another 4GB of RAM in it. That'd be 6GB total, and would probably only run about 100$. I'd say a new GPU would be up after that (which usually comes with a PSU upgrade).

    Or get just play console games until 2015 since that's apparently when the next gen consoles are coming out. =/

  3. thanks guys
    i was thinking ram; or somehow connect my 360 to my pc monitor, just don't really know how to do that