Competitive Matchmaking

I read some news on Bootae's blog on Mythic's plan to implement scenario matchmaking based on one's skill and performance and I am eager to see how that works out for them. I love to win; as anyone else does. I'll go onto a losing side to have a challenge, ill play a class that no one wants to play to be more unique. Winning rarely gets old, unless it is plain too easy.

FYI: if you have 10 Luck in Fallout New Vegas and play blackjack, up that ante and prepare to quickly get thrown out; you'll win nearly EVERY single hand. You always will get that card that gets you atleast 20 or 21. All I had to do was deal and hit until i hit 20/21 and i never busted. Out of ... 40 games, I won probably 35, tied 4 times and lost only once and walked away 8k$ richer. Be warned, luck doesn't seem to affect slots nor roulette as much though.

Back to winning.
I think its important to have game matchmaking so the weaker players are not constantly steamrolled by the more experienced players, and the experienced players can have a challenge. Case in point, I was watching my brother play the new Call of Duty: Black Ops game yesterday, he was already lvl 12ish playing against players of the same lvl and the odd lvl 30+ (obsessed much?). Him and his friend DOMINATED every single game; whereas the best person on any team had a 1:1 kill ratio, my brother was always 4:1 or even 5:1. It was obviously fun for him, and utterly miserable for his opponent. I can imagine his teammates squeal for glee b/c he ended up on their side. I'll post some pics as proof of their dominance.

Matchmaking would be more fair in this instance, maybe less fun for my brother as he'd die more, but an easy fix for this would be to increase his rewards for winning and being a skilled player; whether (for CoD in particular) it be special weapons, attachments, camos etc. For mmos such as Warhammer Online, possible better renown gain, or higher drops would be a suitable reward.

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  1. Thanks for the Fallout tip. Doubloons in that game are in short supply and this will likely come in very, VERY handy.