New Vegas Spoiler

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Per the title a bit of a spoiler for Fallout New Vegas; don't read if you don't want to know the general storyline..


The Story of New Vegas

You, the a courier from places unknown are assasinated by a man in a checkered coat with some thugs in leather vests, thing is you survive.

Its a story of revenge, pure and simple. You start in the sleepy town of Goodsprings which is south west of New Vegas and your main objective is to get back the package you were trying to deliver and find that person that tried to make your home a shallow grave.

After getting back on your feet you find out there is a dispute between the locals and a group of criminals that have overrun their prison guards and now name themselves the Powder Gangers. The dispute revolves around a person from a faction called the Crimson Caravan that the Powder Gangers are seeking (his death that is), and the locals who are hiding him but are unsure on what they can do against criminals. As the driving force, you decide the fate of the caravaneer or by talking to a curious robot that saved you, you make your way to the small town of Primm.

New California Republic Correctional Facility (in case you're wondering)

Primm, being a small town with a small casino, courier office, hotel and a small NCR camp has been overrun by said Powder Gangers as well and have all the townsfolk hiding in the casino. One of those patron is the courier postmaster who originally assigned the packages to the appropriate courier. You find out that it was suspicious that a previous person gave up an easy assignment so that you would get it, as if he knew what would happen to you. To find more information of the man with the checkered suit, you need to rescue the town's deputy sherrif from the Powder Gangers who have made a base of the hotel. By saving (or not) the deputy, you find out the the checkered suit man has made his way to the town of Novac, across the Mojave to the east.

Along the way, you fight all sorts of mutated creatures, bandits, which slow down your progress. High mountains and cliffs block your way from directly heading east to Novac, except one path guarded by an incredibly deadly creature which makes even the most battleharded soil their pants. You eventually come across a group of vicious raiders who call themselves the Legion who thinks examples ought to be made of profligates. Crucifixion is their go to method of example.

After a long and dangerous trip through areas infested with Jackal and Viper raiders, you come to Novac. It has been observed that the man in the checkered suit has passed by an has talked to one of the snipers that protects the town from Legion advances that normally roost in the mouth of a giant statue of a T-Rex. You probably take advantage of their motel services, the proprietor giving you a rather sweet deal of a flat rate 100 caps where you are able to get a good night's sleep and put away some of the gear you have aquired from the wasteland. Through various methods, you find out where the man in the checkered suit has gone to: Boulder City.. a city where massive battles have been fought north east of Novac.

Making your way to Boulder City was much quicker and safer this time as there was a main road which you could stick on to avoid some rather nasty Fire Ants. The people that accompanied the man in the checkered suit was a faction of tough raiders called Great Khans. Apparently the NCR had them cornered in a group of buildings but they had taken some troops hostage and the situation is tense. You have the option of either trying to save them covertly, find a way to negotiate their freedom, or go in guns blazing and getting your revenge. Either way, you found out once again the man in the checkered suit is one step ahead of you and is heading for his casino in The Strip, a modern oasis that has walled itself away from the Mojave desert.

Though relatively safe, the route to The Strip is a long one, though there are many rest stops and merchants along the way. You will eventually find yourself in Freeside which surround and has the only entrance to the eastern side of The Strip. There is a credit check at a heavily fortified gate of more of the same robots, similar in make to the one that you talked to back in Goodsprings. You either had the money, found the money, or found various ways to get into The Strip.

When you get inside, the same robot that saved you has followed you back and delivers a message that the man who runs The Strip in New Vegas would like to talk to you before you go to The Tops Casino which holds the man with the checkered suit.

Whatever you do, you'll find yourself inside The Tops Casino and confronting this man and having your revenge. What will you do now?

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