Lord of New Vegas

Fallout New Vegas has been completed:
- 56 hours per Steam (yikes indeed)- Energy weapon specialist
- Sided with: Mr. House
- Maxed Speech, Science, Repair
- Favorite perks: Meltdown (aoe blast when killing an enemy with a plasma weapon), Jury Rigging (repair a weapon with a SIMILAR (vs same) kind of weapon)
- Favorite Weapon: Gauss Rifle (with energy weapons maxed = insta kills)
- Companions: ED-E and Boone (until I betrayed the NCR at the end)
- Companion perished: Cass (didn't realize the Van Griffs wanted her dead.. oops)
- Cap (money) high: over $25k

I loved the game. In a quick rundown again; its exactly like Fallout 3 which is a good thing in most cases. It feels a bit bigger in size due to alot of instanced areas. Lots of companions that come with perks and can be upgraded. Crafting is nice, but lacks schematics like the previous version. Speech is HUGE. It seems like the VATS system takes longer to startup. Deathclaws are scary...

I'm on my way with my second playthrough as a evil, melee/unarmed monster with huge strength, endurance, agility and no charisma (it affects the amount of damage and armor your companions have; so it is important in most cases).. probably will side with the Legion or takeover the Mojave Wasteland by himself.

FYI in character creation, you don't need to select a trait (or 2) if you don't want. Traits are good in some cases, but they weaken you in other aspects as well. Being normal is sometimes better.


  1. I have never really understood why people do second or third play-throughs of a game, even if it is as diverse and as choice intensive as Fallout. I make my choices, I seldom reload and when I am done with it, I am just done with it.

    Dragon Age, for instance, took of 106 hours, fortunately, using the origins mechanism, i was able to experience all classes briefly before settling on one. But now that I am done I don't think I will ever go back to it, and no amount of character changes or branching choices will make me.

    Good luck to you though!

  2. @Bronte
    the reason i like to do second playthroughs is to see in real-time the different outcomes that is possible; especially in fallout where there is an epilogue which shows the consequence of your actions

    but i agree, something about Dragon Age had me play 40+ hours the first time, but i couldn't bring myself to play it a second time, whereas Fallout is different