To buy or not

Anyone know if the new Call of Duty game requires constant connection to Steam to play it, even if you have a physical copy?

Contemplating on whether I should pick it up for the PC or 360; my brother has the 360 version and it looks very good; slightly better graphics and online mode looks pretty cool. Really intrigued by the single player storyline. I want to play with my best friends on 360, but more friends would actually play on PC, not to mention, my brother monopolizes the tv that the 360 is connected to currently... I do like achievements on the 360 though..

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  1. Borrow your brother's fir the single player/coop version. The single player story is shockingly solid for a shooter, complete with a fairly massive twist at the end.

    Get the PC version yourself for online play. For multiplayer, unless the PC playerbase sucks or is too small, PC will always > console.