Short Hiatus

I'll be away for a week or so for a friend's wedding; take care friends.

Recently: during the Christmas Steam sale, I purchased Magic: The Gathering, Borderlands and Disciples 3: Rennaisance

(thought i wasn't gonna blog about that anymore did you, DID YOU??)
Plays fantastic on the pc; I wish I had originally got it for the pc; I have 5 lvl 60+ characters on my 360 account, and I still will play (time permitting) with the pc version; its that good. Easier to aim and control; seems smoother.. feels natural.

Disciples 3
Its a more artistic version of Heroes of Might and Magic. And alot less intuitive; the tutorial sucks. Your army is your lifeblood; if you lose them, its nigh impossible to win. The reason for this is, just like your hero, your army gains experience too. Its a double edged sword; when you're army is high lvled, you're unstoppable, but at the beginning, even fighting 'trash' mobs is a huge challenge. You can res your fallen army at a cost, but if they fall, they don't get any experience if you win the battle.Very few single player non-campaign maps. The inability to pick your starting hero type. Battle is a bit over simplified. Resources collection is a bit convoluted as well.
Its nice; (the price was right at 5$) but only good in small spurts.

Magic: The Gathering
I gotta ask myself this question: why do I keep purchasing games for my pc that I already have for the 360? (Magic, Borderlands, Left 4 Dead 2)Because it plays better on the pc.
Except for the constant crashing... *cry* This game makes me want to buy the cards (second hand, b/c i'm not paying gobs of money to start fresh) and play with my friends, who I think will actually want to play (we play Munchkins).


Question: What kind of OS do you have for your pc?
Reasoning: i've been encountering massive amounts of crashing with most of my pc games, including Magic: The Gathering and Fallout New Vegas, even Borderlands

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  1. I'm running W7 currently, but it's on a Acer pre-assembled POS. I've had several issues with the rig and personally had to take apart heat sinks to apply fresh thermal paste (since a few parts were overheating because their paste looked like dry clay and the heat sinks would just fall off when I unscrewed them!). The whole thing isn't even that old, maybe 6-7 months.

    As for the crashing I'm not 100% sure, but I know that some steam games come with issues just because of the way steam runs the processes. Overall I think Steam is a great innovation to getting PC games fast and at a low cost, but I think the system still has a few kinks that needs to be optimized for all systems. :x