Back from Paradise

Back from my friend's Bahamas wedding; it was fantastic; got a nice tan, relaxxxed, and only had the worry of when the next buffet was ready for us ;)

I'll try to post of touched up photos from the trip when I can as I have over 600+ to go through.


Looking to get the physical cards of Magic: The Gathering.. any suggestions where I can get alot on the cheap? I want to get enough for 6-8 people to have their own personal deck and maybe extras so they can try alternate variations.


I went to the Bahamas for my close friend's wedding and actually had the opportunity to fit in some pleasure reading; I had purchased the new Guild Wars: Edge of Destiny book and Magic: The Gathering: Agents of Artifice book. With a title like "edge of destiny" and cover art of Jace Beleren, how could I not buy them? I took the opportunity to read the Guild Wars book and was pleasantly entertained and my eagerness for Guild Wars 2 has been rekindled. I don't want to give away any plot, but ill just say this: its not the typical ending of books, but in this instance, it makes alot of sense.

This entry is more of confirming what I believe are to be the future announced classes of Guild Wars 2, if they intend on basing such classes from what is in the book. Currently announced are the following classes:

- the typical tank and master-at-arms
- in the book, is the Charr warrior Rylock Brimstone who weilds a legendary flaming long sword
- generally in stronger (chainish/plate combo) armor
- used mostly his sword (b/c its so powerful) but also used his claws

- ranged/melee character with pet
- in the book, is the Norn huntress Eir with faithful wolf Garm
- she had a buff of sorts that increased her accuracy, or damage
- at the beginning she seemed to use melee alot with dual wield hand axes (!!!!), but later on seems to favor her bow with explosive tips

- ranged magical dps
- in the book, is the dour Asura genius Zojja
- she starts off operating golems with her mind but later on uses magic and specializing (fire, water, etc) depending on the circumstance

- summoner and user of death magic
- no real character referenced in the book that is a necromancer, though Snaffs had the ability to control golems and sand with his mind and the dragon champions had control of undead creatures

At this point there were 3 other characters that would fit certain classes:

Caithe; a firstborn sylvari who used a stiletto and always knew the weak points of various creatures resulting in a quick death. She was also incredibly agile and rarely got hurt as she was able to avoid most attacks.
Expected Profession: Assassin - melee dps (possibly one that doesn't rely on poisons)

Logan; a human warrior who started as a scout/mercenary, evolving to stronger armor and weilding a warhammer and ended up in heavy plate armor with a sword Expected Profession: Warrior Priest - heavy armor hot healer, low-med damage

Queen Jennah; the human queen of Divinity's Reach
Expected Profession: (they outright say the profession name) Mesmer - mind controller

After reading this, I'm energized for another few months of teasers and information *cough-release-some-news-coughcough* of Guild Wars 2. For now I'll wait for Rift to satiate my mmo fever.

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