Requirements, notebooks and boredom

I have a question in which i'm not sure if anyone has the answer to:
Will RIFT require constant connection to Steam, or if we get the physical cd copy, will it have it's own launcher?

I've always preferred to buy games at the local store/EB/BestBuy as I like to have something physical to hold onto and don't like spending massive time chunks downloading it from Steam. Saying that, I like how even if i relocate and even somehow lose my computer, as long as I have internet connection and can remember my passcode, I can redownload the whole game from Steam (and hopefully have a blazing fast connection :P).

I've also found that many games that i've purchased from Steam crashes more frequently than ones with actual cds (barring Fallout NV which is just a sad bag of crappy bugs).. but Steam does have their sales and the in-game items I can benefit from.

The answer to that question will determine whether I buy from the store or from Steam.


Something that should be implemented in future and existing mmo's should be a guild notebook.

A simple window in the interface that lets guild members write things down. Though this creates a wide opening for abuse, inappropriate language and dialoge, it can also be useful:
- to list non-guilded friend's of the guild
- to list enemies/rude people to avoid with reasons why
- an in-game forum for various topics including in-guild auction, events, tips, etc


I keep trying to get into Guild Wars... and i get bored after 10 minutes.
Maybe the game ramps up after the tutorial area.. but i can't get around:
- the lack of being able to jump; making you feel like you're on rails
- the old drab graphics (it can't help that)
- 'load-out' of skills just seems odd
- transition between zones requiring loading screens
- high amount of instancing

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