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Question: Should future iterations of Mass Effect give the option of selecting a different race, or should Sheppard always be human?

I was thinking of how Dragon Age had different origins stories which made it unique and gave more replayability. I would think this to be a great way to have more attachment to my character but EA should keep in mind to make only the popular races available; I 'tried' playing as a dwarf in DA:O.. but I hate them. I know other people like them.. but I just couldn't bring myself to playing one and missed out on their origin story.



My gf is currently playing and is addicted to Iris Online and she was telling me how her healer was using plate armor instead of the traditional cloth armor that would garner her better healing. With the plate armor, she was a little less effective in healing, but survived much longer due to having a higher armor class and in not dying as much, she was able to heal more overall and was more effective.

I would like to see this more in mmo's: No armor restrictions for any class, where it becomes viable for any class to use any armor at a particular time.

Similar to my entry on shields, giving each type of armor different passive characteristics, it'll change the way in which we approach gear.

- lightweight; allowing traditional cloth users to move at normal speed; leather users have a small speed boost and defensive (dodge) buff, plate users increase that effect
- gives boosts to healing/spellcasting abilities
- setting traps, dexterity-related abilities are quickened

- slows down cloth users slightly causing spells to be cast slower or (gasp) cause spell failure, or even decrease spell effectiveness; more defence than cloth
- no effect to traditional leather users
- speed boosts for plate users, defensive (dodge) buff as well

- slows down cloth users dramatically but provides a great amount of defence, BUT not as much as traditional plate users who have had experience practicing in it for years
- increased armor at the cost of the loss of dexterity-based abilities(ie. stealth)/effectiveness for leather users
- no negative effect for plate users, higher defence than any other archetype

Combination of Leather/Plate
- the in between of the two
- can have different levels of this armor (30% leather, 70% plate, or 50/50 split) which can cause a wide variety of gear and effects


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