Self Sacrifice and other thoughts..

Lets talk about overpowered special spells.
Do players typically look for instant gratification, or are they willing to help the greater good at their own expense?

Think of these two Warhammer Online kind of spells that i've thought of:

Disciple of Khaine sacrifices himself which will res the whole party with full life, he has a debuff which prevents others from ressing him and lowers his stats by half for 5 minutes.

Archmage casts a spell that resses the whole party with full life with a debuff that causes him to lose all his AP and not regen any AP for 5 minutes (from any source), which persists through death.

Though great in effect, are normal people willing to go through such a disadvantage to help others? The Morale abilities in WAR can be set to be more beneficial to the group, but normally there isn't any ill effects to the player. Would many players be so selfless and utilize such a skill/ability?


The torch and the environment.

I look forward to an mmo that has an outdoor environment with a very dark (see: low/reduced visibility) night when there isn't any stars/moon/artificial lights. A torch in this instance would be a character's way of being able to navigate when spells aren't available. Where environmental effects such as rain and sleet causes a slowdown in movement and causes debuffs to combat (though probably very small). Having the high ground will allow archers (in particular) get a bonus to the distance in which they can attack.

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