I'm not one much to announce news of information for certain mmos (or am I?); but I'm really looking forward to the release of Guild Wars 2, so without further stalling:

Possible Guardian class news for Guild Wars 2 from two friend's blogs:
Thrangis and Hunter

I've been looking forward to any 'real' information (lore isn't considered game info to me) on the game for months. MONTHS. Since when was the last time they released real game info? Too long ago. A bit unacceptable in my eyes, but they're the developer and they can do whatever they like (and they know i'm already hooked and frothing at the mouth). ;)

After reading the book Guild Wars: Edge of Destiny, and without any solid confirmations on what the other classes will be, the "Guardian" class looks to be my possible alt class, as I like to heal, be durable and still do some dps. I guess in some ways a Norn Guardian would work... but I feel a Hunter or Warrior would be a better fit for such a race.

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