Magic system, Cosplay & Silky

Something i'd like to see implemented in Guild Wars 2 (my first choice in mmo's):
A magic system like Dragon Age: Origins.

What do i mean by that?
I despise buffs that require me to constantly recast it every couple seconds or even minutes.

Arenanet should implement it like DA:O, in that:
- you cast the spell, and it just lowers your total mana reserve and the spell persists until you choose not to keep it active

Much more convenient (less micromanagement of the individual) and you can concentrate on other aspects of the game (controlling the rest of your party).


Some Fallout New Vegas

A photo from the Bahamas

This was a nightshot from the Atlantis resort where (without boasting) a normal point and shoot camera couldn't get, as it would be too dark. By increasing the length of time the shutter is open, it makes the shot look like was done during the day.

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