Never fight alone

Despite the stupid avatar names, I've notice something that I like in the new DC Universe game: when you free npcs (and you do that alot apparently) in the game, they now become available to assist your hero fight other enemy npcs. Not only that they are normally rather strong, persist (to some extent; instead of just disappearing), and npcs usually exist in other areas without needing to be saved.
This is a nice touch that they've implemented; no longer are you all alone in your fight. No longer do they just run away from the fight. And now they can put up a bit of a fight, or atleast provide some distraction from you.


More stupid names though:
Gohard Gohan (seriously?)
Chirstian123 (spelling.. and numbers in your name; classy)
xXMurderousXx (b/c obviously xMurderousx was already taken..)

jp (not important enough to have uppercase)
Bob Loblaw (defender of the grocery store)

Actually.. when i see a good name, ill let you know


Some fun
cosplay of our favorite game: Borderlands

(actually, I can't bring myself to play the pc version anymore.. GASP)


My week has been ok; I finished the campaign in Magic: The Gathering for pc yesterday. I feel like there is nothing to play these days though.. I guess i'm looking forward to RIFT, though its really just a placeholder for Guild Wars2; not to put it down, but I hope RIFT is really great.. but i'm not getting my hopes up .. I kinda imagine there would be more fanfare if it really was 'that' great.

Wishing I was back in the Bahamas..

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