Guild Wars 2 Class Announcement

I guess its time for my obligatory entry on the new Guild Wars 2 class: The Guardian.

I'll be the first to say the class armor detailing looks sick, EVEN for the Asura.. if my character actually ended up looking like that soon, even I would play that race.

Cool abilities like the wavey Zealot's Defence or funny ones like Wall of Deflection. Heavy armor wearing, damage dealing knight/tank-like class which has an aura like the Paladin from Diablo 2 with a small twist being they lose their passive buff when they give it to their party members. (atleast for a short while)

I find it odd that a Guardian would use a scepter as a weapon... kinda weak choice. Also; whats up with the torch being in the off-hand? Whats the benefit?

From the video of Faithful Strike when the party members are buffed with a blue shield, the avatar with the two-handed greatsword gets the buff too instead of just the people with the shield which seems cool.

The question I put out to Arenanet (in a bit of a fanboyish tone): why did it take so long to announce this class? There certainly wasn't very much information on this page. Maybe there is more to come in the following days that will appease our ceaseless hunger for more info.

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