Diablo 3 - Dude Where's My Rare?

 Something came to me today that I found odd:

1. Where are my pants?

2. Why did Blizzard feel the need to outline rare enemies in yellow? Are we blind?

3. Seriously, where are my pants?

Even a blind person would be able to make out elite and rare enemies in D3. I guess its better than not seeing them at all, but its painfully obvious. I would prefer they are not neon signs and just appear bigger or better equipped. It kind of takes away from the immersion is all i'm saying.

I'm having a blast with D3 and Blizzard keeps finding ways to make me say "wow that was alot of bad guys.. I doubt I could fight even more.." And then they surprise me over and over. 
Whats happening here? Beats me; just spam your skill!

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