NBI Wrap-up - Building a Community

One month has come and gone in a flash as usual, meaning the NBI, Newbie Blogger Initiative is technically done.

I feel a bit bad, not having written more advice articles, but I find its a bit boring writing the same advice that nearly everyone else is writing about (even if you get a different perspective). It is my hopes that any new bloggers that came to my site would realize that blogging is about getting your ideas out there and its just about sharing what you're passionate about. Sometimes you're inspired and can pump out tons of entries (ie. all my Diablo 3 entries), and sometimes you have nothing. Even though you may have 'nothing,' you can always find 'something' to post; whether that be a comic, a picture, a quote.. anything and everything has value.

Oh and a shout out to my dear friend Leslie who updated my banner logo to something that fits my color scheme better. Thats possibly the last thing I'll advise, in that its nice to have someone artistic (if you're not) make a banner for you that is eye-catching and a good representation of your blog. The idea of the foot prints was from the Family Circus comics where it shows where the kids went; instead of a straight line to the objective, they would go anywhere and everywhere instead (b/c they're kids). That was the same for me when I was playing Warhammer Online; instead of going to the quest objective, I would be exploring every nook and cranny of the map, looking for Tome of Knowledge achievements.

I'd like to give props to Justin aka Syp at Biobreak who started this idea, showing one can build a great sense of community through blogging. His entry has a massive list of all the new bloggers and sponsor blogs that one may find interesting. I'm going to go and start adding everyone to my blogroll over the next few days (there's alot!). Congrats everyone, keep at it, and I wish everyone good fortunes in writing. 
You're more than a study group now, you've become a Community.

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