Newbie Blogger Tips

1. Blog about what you're passionate about.
Just because you start your blog off talking about MMO's, doesn't mean you have to always talk about it. Depending on what is occupying my time, is what Ill be writing about. That has changed from Warhammer Online tome unlock instructions, to Xbox 360 game reviews, pictures and links of cosplay, photos of the work i'm proud of and just ideas and opinions (mostly game related). As long as you're writing, its a good thing.

2. Unless you're writing a rant.
I've had my fair share of rants here, though mostly on my personal blog. Although it helps to put a rant up on your blog and others may agree to what you're saying, it isn't always the best thing. Just like blowing up at someone in real life, you may regret saying it later. Although you can always delete your entry, people will still have read what you wrote. Losing our cool isn't very classy.

3. Spelling is important.
I'm a bit of a spelling and grammar *ahem* 'stickler.' Abbreviations are alright, but leet speak and poor grammar is frustrating to read and may turn off other readers.

4. Avoid Wall of Texts.
There are very few bloggers that i'll spend actually reading their whole entry if they don't include any pictures, links or videos. Its just natural; your mind wanders and then you start skipping what people have written. At the same time.. when you're at a loss for words, sometimes all you can do is post only pictures and links. I feel it cheapens your blog a bit, but I do it myself when I don't have much to talk about. 

Once again, visit the NBI forums for some assistance to getting traffic to your site and links from other more experienced blog sites.

Pick your platform (Wordpress, Blogspot, etc), and just start writing; its as easy as that!

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