Diablo 3: Spam-lunking Your Heart Out

I can't remember how D2 played.. I think it was similar to this comic. But it DOES feel like you are spamming the same skills over and over; the left click ability and then the right click.. once in a while doing a numbered ability. 

At low levels i'm finding its very much a grindfest for characters; just mowing down hordes and hordes of enemies with the same ability (go Barb Frenzy). Maybe at higher levels, there is more strategy.
I do notice with my Wizard that i'm not spamming as much; I'd cast off my buff spell, then use up all my Arcane mana, cast a frost nova to freeze enemies that got into melee range, then cast my signature spell until I have more Arcane Mana again. Rinse and repeat. Its spamming in a way, just more buttons to press.

For some, this will annoy them and cause them to quit. For others this is perfect.

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