Happy Friday

Hope everyone's workday goes really fast, and that you dont' have any work this weekend (Rift live event stage 2 tomorrow, don't forget!).

I fear that my friend Ezuri may be losing interest in Rift... I normally see him on every day.. and i haven't seen him on the past 2.. My friends have a bad habit of quitting a game and not telling their friends that they did. But then again, Ezuri did say that when he hit lvl 40, that he'd make a tank.

I'm torn between my tank and my rogue; my tank is fun to play with and very durable, but the rogue is so much more versatile; I can range dps, melee dps, or support/heal and do that all very well depending on the soul specc I pick. The tank seems to be all about tanking..... it certainly can't heal very well except itself.. the Riftblade doesn't seem too viable for range dps (b/c most time there isn't a tank available), and whether it is a Paragon/Champion... dps isn't as good as an Assassin (but then again, that may be the most powerful melee dps class).

I'd like to get one character to lvl 50 to join my guild mates as soon as possible... And with the new Assassin (3 hit wonder specc) and Paladin Shield Charge ("in your face!")... I have an even harder time deciding these days..

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